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LFCC Libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) System. The LC System uses both letters and numbers to organize materials. (e.g., PR 1195.S5 B87 2010)

  1. To locate an item on the shelves, first find the first letter. In our example, we look for the “P” section. With things organized on the shelf alphabetically by call number, this should be relatively easy. There are signs on the ends of the rows of shelves to make this process easier.
  2. Then within the range of “P” look for the second letter, “R” in our example.
  3. Within the “PR” range we now look for the number, in this case 1195. As the items are now in numerical number within this range, this should be relatively straightforward. Remember that some of the ranges will wrap around to the next row.
  4. Now we switch back to letters in alphabetical order (PR1195.S)
  5. Then numbers in numerical order TREATED LIKE DECIMALS (PR1195.S5, with the 5 being treated like .5)
  6. Then back to letters one last time (PR1195.S5 B)
  7. Then numbers in numerical order TREATED LIKE DECIMALS (PR1195.S5 B87, with the 87 treated like .87)
  8. Then numbers in numerical order  (PR1195.S5 B87 2010)


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